Busy summer in Japan and South-Korea


Dutch racing driver Carlo van Dam is enjoying a busy summer: last month he raced for several teams in both Japan and South-Korea, where he will be competing this coming month as well. Carlo sums up his summer so far.

“After winning our class in the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring which I contested with Subaru at the end of June, I have first been to England and Denmark coaching a kart driver, after which I headed for South- Korea for another Super Race round with the EXR Team 106 at the circuit of Taebek. In the race there, the power steering of my car failed after eight laps, but I still managed to finish third. I then got back to Tokio and travelled on to Suzuka for a two-day tyre test of the Japanese Super GT championship in which I race a
GT300 Porsche 911 GT3 R of the team Direction this year. Suzuka isn’t really the ideal track for this Porsche to be honest, but we did learn a lot during the test.

After a trip to Fuji for another karting event, I left for the circuit of Sugo where last weekend a Super GT race was held. In the qualifying session my run was unfortunately halted by yellow flags being waved, whilst in the race itself the brakes faded away pretty quickly after the start so we lost quite a lot of time in the pits early on to fix the problem. We did finish the race, though, and now we need to improve the car a bit as I feel there are some races to come on tracks where the Porsche should be performing well.

“Firstly, however, I will now go back to South-Korea, where I will compete in a Super Race with EXR Team 106 once more, again at Taebek, and a week later I will race the Direction Porsche in the Suzuka 500, the next Super GT-race. All in all it is quite a busy summer for me with a lot of tests and races, so I am not

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