Carlo van Dam retires in Spa 24 Hours


The Saleen S7R of the Austrian Full Speed Racing-team with which Dutch racing driver Carlo van Dam raced in the Spa 24 Hours this weekend, retired on Saturday night after 128 laps. “It seemed the engine just did not pick up fuel anymore, which was a bit strange as it happened at the start of what was our last lap before our next scheduled pit stop”, Carlo explains. “There was no fuel alarm light coming on either, the engine just cut out at once. A pity of course, but I look back satisfied and with pleasure at racing in this event nevertheless.”

A short-circuit in the wire loom kept the Full Speed Racing-team in the pits throughout most of free practice and the qualifying sessions leading up to the race, but the problem was solved before the start. “The team asked me to do the start”, Carlo says. “In the race things went nicely, actually. I spent a lot of time in the car and especially when it rained it just went well. We may not have had the best car out there, but compared to the fastest Maserati’s and Corvettes we performed quite reasonably I think. The team was pleased with my speed and in the paddock I got some good reactions to my driving, so I am happy to have been given the opportunity to race here and that I took it. We lost a lot of track time in practice and qualifying due to the short-circuit problem we had, but despite that, in the race the car was fine. One time the team put me on slicks a bit too early maybe, so I had a brief off as the track was still wet, but apart from that things went well. This was one of those races in which you move up automatically as long as you just keep on running, because a lot was happening on the track and many cars crashed out or ran into trouble. Unfortunately we too retired, but all in all for me this was a great race and valuable experience.”

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