Carlo victorious in ATS F3 Cup!


After scoring a second place in his debut race in the ATS Formula 3 Cup in Hockenheim yesterday, Carlo van Dam dominated during today’s race and scored his first victory of the season. After 9 years without a Formula 3 win it was Van Dam who gave Van Amersfoort Racing another victory! Thanks to these results Van Dam is now sharing the lead in the championship with 20 points after two races. In the Rookie Cup the S-T-A-R-T driver is also in first place, with 18 points.

The drivers of the German Formula 3 championship saw their first action of the weekend on Thursday afternoon during a two hour long test session in preparation for the first race. Rookie Carlo van Dam set the fastest lap on a very slippery track. He beat Christian Vietoris with 14 hundredths of a second. Swedish driver Max Nilsson set the third time. In the qualifying session on Friday morning Van Dam had a big fight on the track for pole position with Belgian drivers Frédéric Vervisch and Nico Verdonck. At the end of the 30 minutes it was Van Dam who had been fastest and took the important pole position for the first race. Setting a time of 1:36.220 he was just a bit quicker than Vervisch and Christian Vietoris. In the second qualifying session Van Dam once again showed he was the fastest out there. Being the last one out on the asphalt the driver from Vlaardingen had the opportunity to drive a fast lap without his opponents being able to respond, and Van Dam did it! He set the fastest lap and took the pole for race two. Vervisch and Matteo Chinosi set the second and third time respectively.

RACE 01 + 02:
In the opening race of the ATS Formula 3 Cup Van Dam did not get off the way he wanted. Because the revs dropped too much he had to give up a position to Vervisch. Van Dam tried to follow the Belgian but lost ground to him. After a number of laps the 21-year old driver suffered more and more oversteer and was not able to close the gap to the leader. After sixteen laps Van Dam finished the race in second position.

In the final race Van Dam did get his start right and was able to keep Vervisch behind him. Because the Belgian driver had to fight with his team mate Verdonck and Recardo Bruins Choi Van Dam was able to create a gap between him and the cars behind him. After seven laps the oversteer problem returned and Van Dam lost some of his lead over his two JB Motorsport rivals. The Dutchman had to defend his position against a storming Vervisch once when a back marker got into his way, but managed to do that well. In the remaining laps Van Dam kept his position and crossed the line as the winner!

CARLO VAN DAM: “I am extremely happy with this victory! The first win is always the most important and the hardest to get as well. It was a good weekend for me. Too bad I could not win the first race but the revs dropped too much at the start so Vervisch was able to pass me. I did get into the right rhythm after a couple of laps but did not have the speed. In the second race I did have a great start and managed to increase the pace. My first place was hardly ever in danger during the race. I am happy with my move to Formula 3. This is more of a car that an engineer can work on and influence the result. Despite not doing a lot of testing during the winter break we did not do nothing. My sponsors and the Van Amersfoort Racing team have done a tremendous amount of work to get this victory. We are also in for the championship. This result is very promising for the next few races in the ATS Formula 3 Cup!”

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