Carlo's path in Dijon crossed by black cat


The second race weekend for the ‘Championnat de France FFSA Formula Renault 2.0’ on the race track at Dijon has not yielded the hoped for results for Carlo van Dam. Race incidents in both races made it impossible for the driver of SG Formula to score any points for the championship. Van Dam was involved in an accident, in the first as well as the second race, and had to quit both races early. Van Dam will not have much time to review the weekend as he will be leaving for Barcelona (Spain) tomorrow where he will be testing on Tuesday and Wednesday as a preparation for the Eurocup races in Istanbul (Turkey).

In the free training sessions on Thursday, after the start of the Grand Prix d’Or, Van Dam drove respectable lap times that yielded a 13th (1:31.253) and an 8th (1:24.042) place. On Friday he positioned himself in the Top 6 (1:16.323) on the 3.800 kilometer track. In the first qualifying on Saturday morning, the driver from Vlaardingen drove the second best time (1:29.942), second only to his team mate Jean Karl Vernay who took the pole position. The third spot on the grid went to a SG Formula driver as well since Julien Jousse was able to drive the third best time of the session. The two other drivers of the team from Bordeaux, Nicolas Navarro and Tom Dillman placed 5th and 10th respectively.

In the second session, Van Dam started the way he had finished the first session. On a drying track, he continuously placed amongst the top 3 and was able to keep up with the top of the field despite the heavy traffic. At the end of the session he tried to further improve his lap time but slid of the track and had to settle for the 14th spot on the grid. (1:26.377)

RACE 01 + 02:
The first race was rather short for Carlo van Dam. He caught a good start but his team mate Jousse kicked the Dutchman off the track at the first turn so that he was the first to quit the race. The Frenchman Jousse was punished by a drive through penalty but that did not make any difference for Van Dam anymore.

When the lights went green for the second race, the S-T-A-R-T driver advanced quickly. He passed a number of other drivers in the very exiting and incident rich first lap until he had to make way for a number of chassis pieces that were lying on the track from a collision earlier on. Because Damien Claverie (MC Racing) tried to pass him, he followed the French and both of them crashed into a wall at 190 km/h. This marked the end of the race for both of them.

CARLO VAN DAM: “I am very disappointed. Out of 6 races I did not finish 5. It’s just not working out at the moment. In the first race I was pushed off the track by my own team mate and in the second race I hit a wall. The pace of the practice sessions and qualifyings was good but I came to score some points for the championship. After the first race I told my team manager that there might be a black cat driving with me but I guess it has died after the crash today. I am going to Barcelona tomorrow where I will be testing to prepare for the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 races in Istanbul.”

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