Difficult debut for Carlo van Dam


Carlo van Dam will tomorrow start from fourteenth position for PSV in the first of three Superleague Formula-races held at Estoril in Portugal. Carlo makes his debut in the championship this weekend and had a challenging first day that included qualifying.

“It is quite a peculiar car”, Carlo says. “It is particularly difficult to get it to go around slower corners. We managed to improve the set-up of our car one step at a time, but this of course is only the very first day for us and we only have one engineer for two cars, so we have to improvise a little. This weekend it will primarily be a matter of learning as much as we can and get the maximum out of the three races. It will not be easy, but of course we will try our very best, especially since there are two more events after this one, at Monza and Jarama, and we want to make the most of the track time here in order to ensure that we can make progress.”

During qualifying the Superleague Formula-field is divided into two groups. In his group Carlo set the seventh fastest time today, earning himself a spot on the seventh row of the starting grid for the first of three races that will be held at Estoril tomorrow. “The difference in lap times between the two groups was quite big because of the track being much quicker in the other session. Still I will start in front of people like Bourdais and Bernoldi tomorrow. However, we must improve our set-up significantly, because the fastest cars seem to handle significantly better.”

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