First test day finished at Fuji Speedway


Today Carlo van Dam experienced his very first test for his new team, TOMís Toyota. The test had been planned much earlier, but was first delayed and then cancelled after very heavy snowfall.

Yesterday evening al lot of snow fell on the track, keeping the new inhabitant of Gotemba from starting his maiden TOMís test. Carlo: ďThe temperature last night dropt to minus 4 or 5 degrees. In the morning the situation was better, but the pit area was covered with ice, keeping us from testing until 1:00 PM. But happily the marshals did a great job freeing the pit lane and kerbstones from the ice and snow as much as possible. Finally the weather improved, we had a completely blue sky and the temperature raised to 6 degrees.Ē

ďIím happy to feel connected in the car and experiencing good communication with the team. Although there was quite a lot of wind and we could only use the track for four hours, despite all that I was amazed to complete 96 laps. Everything was new for me, including the all-new Dallara 2008 chassis, Bridgestone tires and a brand new engine. Everything had to be tested an checked, so it was more like a shakedown than a maiden test. All things considered, Iím quite pleased with the results.Ē

Tomorrow Carlo will be testing again, after wich Saturday the official presentation of the TOMís Toyota Team will follow.

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