Up and down weekend for Carlo van Dam at Monza


Dutchman Carlo van Dam looked set to achieve some good results for PSV during the Superleague Formula-races at Monza this weekend, but a troublesome car slowed his pace during qualifying and today’s races.

“It went quite well at first in fact”, Carlo says. “On Friday morning, during free practice, we were instantly on the pace and the car felt pretty good. In qualifying, however, the car was all over the place all of a sudden,; on the straights the wheel would just bounce out of my hands. As a result I started at the back in today’s first race, during which it became clear we had an engine problem. Afterwards it turned out that we hadn’t been given the usual engine mapping for the race, so we were down on power and the push to pass-button didn’t work. Consequently, there was no way we could get a decent result of course.”

“In the second race things went much better, the engine was fine now and it seemed that setup wise we were back to where we were on Friday morning. I soon found myself racing into the top three and after our pit stop I rejoined in third place. On my second set of tyres, though - the same set we had used in qualifying - the car was out of control once again. It was almost impossible to handle and the fact that I still finished in seventh place was mostly due to the fact that a couple of other cars retired. It was a shame, because in free practice and in the first half of the second race today, we had a good pace and this afternoon we would have ended up being on the podium. It looks like we now know what it was that made the car handle so viciously all of a sudden, so in the last rounds at Jarama, early November, we should be able to end the season with some good results for PSV.”

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