Carlo van Dam seventh in Sugo GT300km


Dutch racing driver Carlo van Dam and his Japanese team mate Takashi Kogure today raced their Weider Honda HSV-010 to seventh place in the Sugo GT300km, round four of the 2012 Japanese Super GT series.

“It was a tough race, so I am sort of happy that we still managetd to score a handful of championship points here”, says Carlo.
“As we won the previous race, we now had to run with quite some extra penalty-weight and especially on a short track like Sugo that’s a rather significant handicap of course, and during qualifying we were unable to
match the pace of the front runners.
“Sugo is a twisty and narrow circuit, so overtaking is not easy here, and with forty cars on track, traffic is always very busy. Consequently, it looked like it was going to be difficult to get the car more to the front in
the race, but still we managed to get it up to seventh place, and we ended up being the best placed Honda. You always want more of course, but all in all I think that we got the best out of what was a challenging race.
“The next round is the Suzuka 1000 KM on August 19, which is the most prestigious event of the year and staged on what is Honda’s home track, so I am very much looking forward to it. In the run-up to that race we are going to test at Fuji next week.”

Carlo and Takashi Kogure have so far scored points in every Super GT-race this year, and the Weider Honda-duo is now ranked fifth in the championship standings.

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