Carlo van Dam third in Super Race


Dutch racing driver Carlo van Dam has today finished third in the Super Race at the Taebaek Racing Park in South-Korea. As one of his tires bursted during the warm-up lap, he started the race having to make up for lost time, but still managed to secure a podium finish in the end.

Carlo, who raced in the so-called Super 6000-class for the South-Korean Chicane-team, looks back fondly to what was a memorable adventure: “I had to pit at the end of the warm-up lap to change the tire that had failed. Of course that cost me quite a lot of time, but it made my race very entertaining, because I ended up having to race through the field. I was the quickest guy on track and managed to get as far as third place before the finish. So all in all it was a very emjoyable weekend. The country and the way they go motor racing here; it was all new to me, so as an experience it was very much worth my while to come and race here.”

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