Champion Carlo van Dam prepares for last weekend


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The Japanese Formula 3 championship is coming up to its last race weekend of the season. The champion for 2008 is already known, Carlo van Dam canít lose his first position in the standings. This doesnít mean that the TOMís Toyota driver takes it easy, his aim is to win again.

Carlo: ďI feel no pressure and I donít put any extra pressure on myself. As in any other weekend I just go for victory. Today we get four hours of free practice and Friday we get another two hours of practice. In those sessions we should be able to set up the car well enough for the rest of the weekend.Ē 

The Sugo circuit pleases the champion. ďIíve walked a lap around the track and itís not so wide, but it really is a cool circuit. An old track with loads of difference in heights and beautiful fast corners. The last corner in particular is bizarre. Itís very long and at first you go downhill and then you go uphill. Thatís when the corner becomes blind because of the barriers on the inside, which are less then a meter away from the track.Ē

ďI think that racing here could be very cool. The track doesnít contain too many corners and we donít have to brake too much. It is very good possible to race at this circuit. This is one of the nicer circuits in Japan. The length is 3.7 kilometer and itís not a Mickey Mouse circuit but an original old racing track.Ē

The weather forecasts predict a wet weekend. Carlo: ďYesterday the weather was lovely. Today will be dry as well, Friday hopefully too. For Saturday and Sunday it is likely that we get some rain.Ē

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