Carlo van Dam tests SuperGT Lexus SC430


Dutch racing driver Carlo van Dam will tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday test the Denso Dunlop Lexus SC430 of the Japanese SuperGT-team SARD at the Motegi-circuit.

Carlo, who won the Japanese F3-title in 2008 and regularly competed in the SuperGT-championship as well that same year, has travelled to the Motegi-circuit in Japan earlier this week to participate in a two-day test with the Denso Dunlop Lexus SC430 of the SARD-team (see picture), a car that runs in the GT500-category, the fastest class of the SuperGT. Carlo stands in for André Couto, one of the two drivers of the SARD-Lexus, who can not be present at Motegi for personal reasons.

“Naturally I accepted SARD’s offer to test their car”, Carlo says. “SuperGT is a great racing series and because of the intense involvement of car and tire manufacturers, tests like these are serious events. I will share the car with Kohei Hirate on both days.”



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