FEI - Phenom & Carlo van Dam: The perfect combination!


Carlo van Dam is doing extemly well in the ATS Formula 3 Cup. The leader of the German Formula 3 championship (3 victories, 5 pole positions and 2 fastest race laps) is in the spotlight thanks to his excellent performance. FEI Company has now decided to sponsor the career of the Dutch driver. With the support of this multinational manufacturer of electron microscopes, the 21-year old Van Amersfoort Racing driver is aiming for the highest possible rank.

Phenom is a new revolutionary product made by FEI Company which is headquartered in Hillsboro (Oregon), USA. One of the important target audiences for Phenom is the automotive industry which is evidenced by the fact that FEI has customers such as Daimler Chrysler, Bosch, Magnetti Marelli, Toyota and Rolls-Royce. And FEI also has customers amongst various other racing teams, even in Formula 1. Examples are the Ferrari and Toyota F1 teams.

Koen Driessen, FEI’s product manager for Phenom is really enthusiastic about the deal with Carlo: “We have been following Carlo for a couple of years. I personally visited the races at Zolder in 2005 and 2006, when he was still racing in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0. Early 2007 our contact with Carlo became more intense, because it was unsure for a while what would happen. We have decided to set up a sponsor deal for this season so we use Carlo’s experience to put together some application examples of Phenom’s use in automotive. We will be using Phenom to check various parts of Carlo’s car with our new microscope. Think of rubber, wear on different parts, exhaust particles, oil residue of the car. And knowing that many of our customers are enthusiastic about motor sports, we now have the opportunity to offer some of them an exciting visit at one of this season’s races of the ATS Formula 3 Cup. Don’t forget that the tag-line of Phenom is: “The perfect combination”, and our partnership with Carlo illustrates this beautifully!”

Carlo is of course very happy that FEI - Phenom is supporting him: “At the end of February 2005 I first met Koen Driessen and his colleagues in the conference centre De Ruwenberg in Sint Michielsgestel (The Netherlands). I was there for a crash course in French. The FEI team had a brainstorm session for its new Phenom product there and in the evening a pleasant conversation started at the snooker table and we kept in touch ever since. Earlier this year the sponsor deal was a fact and I even was shown FEI Company’s factory in Eindhoven. I am really impressed by these huge high-tech machines they make over there. With the know-how of Phenom we can only get faster this race season!”. Carlo is really excited.



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